About Us

National Emergency Communications Working Group – Australia/New Zealand

DSC_4629-2The National Emergency Communications Working Group – A/NZ (NECWG–A/NZ) has existed since 1995 at which time emergency communications organisations established a forum in which to discuss coordination of cross jurisdiction response and develop collective positions in relation to emergency communications issues such as calls from SIMless mobile phones as well as emerging technical developments such as Voice over IP (VoIP).

The NECWG- A/NZ is a representative and influential public safety body focussed on:

  • Identifying strategic and aligned solutions to common problems aimed at improving outcomes for community and optimised emergency communications services in Australia and New Zealand.
  • A sharing and collaborative approach capitalising on the expertise and strength of the collective group.
  • Being recognised as informed and respected professionals of the Emergency Call Services (ECS) and leaders in the sector of emergency communications.
  • Continuing education and communication of emergency communications services across the sector and the community.
  • Driving outcomes that:
    • meet community expectations
    • establish standards
    • influence a broad cross section of the sector including industry
    • leverage jurisdictional sector and international development
    • align against national perspectives.

The NECWG-A/NZ consists of Australia and New Zealand representatives from: Emergency Service Organisations (ESO); Public Safety Organisations (PSO); the Emergency Call Persons (ECP) and Carrier representatives.  NECWG-A/NZ has established a solid reputation as an effective working group that is able to provide independent analysis of critical matters impacting on Emergency Call Services.

NECWG-A/NZ works within a framework of informal relationships which enables it to contribute to policy, regulatory, and operational determinations with regard to the Emergency Call Services of Australia and New Zealand.

The purpose(s) of the NECWG-A/NZ is to:

  • Identify and develop a better way for public safety communications that improves public and operational safety through finding solutions to common problems.
  • Be proactive in meeting community expectations and lead the public safety communications sector by influencing change across a wide area related to the ECS of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Maintain our passion to make a difference in connecting help urgently by using our collective power as a group in educating and knowledge sharing and coordination.
  • Advocate for change whilst maintaining impartiality and influencing the public safety communications sector and governments.
  • Build partnerships and maintaining effective relationships through collaboration across, and in consultation with government, community and the public safety communications sector.
  • Foster innovation and creativity across the public safety communication sector.
  • Develop national positions on matters relating to the ECP, ECS and/or ESO operational communications response to those emergency contacts and affiliated PSOs response to emergency events.
  • Deliver on initiatives that support building national resilience and outcomes that encourage international best practice including the development of standards.